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Scheme Reports

Mid-term Reviews

Reports and plans prepared during the delivery of the Up on the Downs Landscape Partnership Scheme.

PDF    Up on the Downs Mid-Term Review (2.44MB)
PDF    Landscape Heritage Grants Mid-Term Review (1.1MB)

Final Reports

Now the deliery phase of the project is nearing its end we are commissioning final reports to critically evaluate our work

PDF     Landscape Heritage Grants - A review (4.38MB) 
PDF    John Muir Award Final Report (2.79MB)
PDF    Schools Out Final Report (1.45MB)
PDF    A Different Way of Seeing (0.86MB)

Legacy Documents

Having done so much good work in the Dover and Folkestone area we are adamant that these efforts, and the partnerships that have been built up along the way, will not be lost as everybody gets back to "business as usual".

The first document is a short eight page  summary of what we plan to do next.
PDF     Taking the Next Step (3.23MB)

The 'prospectus' is a bigger document that goes into much more detail about the way the partnership plans to work and how and why we came to the decisions about our next steps.
PDF     Taking the Next Step - A Prospectus for Continued Partnership Working (4.55MB)