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Gateway to the Cliffs - The Dover Totems

Double Totem

The Dover Totems are a series of six sculptures found on National Cycle Route 1, the main path from Dover up to the White Cliffs.  

The first sculpture is at the end of Athol Terrace at the bottom of the cliffs and they extend all the way to the National Trust owned land at the top of the path.  They were inspired by artist Elaine Tribley's community-based work with people around Dover.  

They tell the story of Dover from the chalk coccoliths under the ground, the plants and flowers found on the chalk grassland and the birds that fly above the landscape.


Local Dover people have fed into Elaine Tribley's design by creating clay coccoliths, origami birds and a sticker grass-scape. Her temporary pop-up shop had local people getting creative and talking about what the white cliffs mean to them - some of their creativity was captured in the final artwork. 

Gateway to Cliffcocoliths
The creative progress of the Dover Totems was captured on Elaine Tribley's blog