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A Different Way of Seeing


 What does the landscape mean to you?

We are interested to learn how young people (13 +) view their landscape. Together with Screen South we ran a variety of film making workshops in which young people could explore 'what the landscape means to them' through the medium of film.

We wished to know what goes on in young minds when they use/view/see the landscape? How do teenagers view the downs, beaches, wildlife, nature, open spaces, flora, fauna or do they think about it/use the landscape at all?

This project also aimed to enhance participants media skills and opportunities to work with professionals at Screen South.  This way, Up on the Downs gained insight into how young people view their landscape and heritage and young people had the chance to ignite potential media interest and gain some accredited film making skills/ contacts for the future.

The films were screened at The Quaterhouse in Folkestone and will be played on loop Sunday 30 July & Sunday 6 August 2016 at Samphire Hoe on the Some of them are below so check out the creativity and variety of young ways of seeing....

Contact Screen South in Folkestone on or ring 01303 25977 to make sure you don’t miss out on other free oppotunities with Screen South.

A summative document can be veiwed here 



 Toby's take on Dover

 A Fragile Chalklandscape


 Walking Jennifer


 Owl House Stables

 River Dour 

 Walking the Fort