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Let Them Speak for Themselves

Let Them Speak for Themselves

There is a an abundance of 20th century military heritage in the Up on the Downs scheme area but it appears to be surprisingly poorly documented.  Aerial photography from the 1940s suggests that many structures remain to be identified and mapped, and those that are are often inaccurately recorded.  

This project is being co-ordinated by the Canterbury Archaeological Trust and conducted primarily by volunteers.  Volunteers have been carrying out condition surveys, taking photographs and accurately record locations of military structures across the scheme area in order to improve the quality of data contained on the Historic Environment Record.  Training days have taken place to give volunteers the skills needed to carry out survey work and they are currently busy in the field collecting information.

The second aim of the project is to improve the condition of some of these heritage items by holding actions days throughout 2016 that will clear debris and remove vegetation from some of the structures that still stand as reminders of those tumultuous times.  At least one event will be held per month working on threatened defensive structures and sites. Anybody can volunteer on these days and there will also be visits to the places we have worked on during the Big Summer Festival.

If you would like to get involved please contact Iona Dubieniec on 01304 872157 or by e-mail or look out for the Action Days organised by the Canterbury Archaeological Trust on the What's On pages of this website.

Download the leaflet to be part of enhancing local heritage. Prev Enhancing Heritage