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St Margaret's Bay Guided Walk

South Foreland Heritage (c) J Newman

Applicant: Dover Smart Project

Project: St Margaret's Bay Guided Walk Pilot Project

Grant award: £1000

This is an educational project based on local historic and  ecological themes, working in partnership with St. Margaret's-at-Cliffe Primary School and St. Margaret's History society. The children will take part in a walk from the lighthouse to the White Cliffs Visitors Centre. They will learn about the history of the area and will gain a greater appreciation of the unique character of the landscape. We will then help the children to produce a map and related work (e.g. pictures, written descriptions of the walk, photographs etc). This map and linked work will be displayed in The My Gallery in Dover and at the school.

The mapping and related work will help the children to learn how to interpretation their local landscape features, plants, animals and their habitats and built and cultural heritage.