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Reflecting the Downs


Applicant: Creative Places CIC

Project: Reflecting the Downs

Grant award: £7050

This project engaged the Nepalese communities of Folkestone in the landscape through existing links with the MOD and community groups. They walked the Downs over the year collecting images, recording words reflecting feelings and things seen. Working with a glass artist these images and words were transferred to glass through screen printing, painting or writing before being fired to fix the artwork. This culminated in 2 main elements: a personal piece to keep and a public 'glass tree' situated at George's Barn showcasing glass images of Folkestone Downs natural environment.

CIC Grant Tree

Reflecting the Downs leaflet showcases the route that the Nepalese took along the Folkestone Downs. It gives a brief desciprtion of the landscape features that characterise the area. The Nepalese translation is here.