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Rediscovering Anglo-Saxon Lyminge


Applicant: University of Reading

Project: Rediscovering Anglo-Saxon Lyminge: Community Archaeology and the Quest for a Lost Anglo-Saxon Palace

Grant award: £10000

This project delivered a state-of-the-art archaeological excavation in Lyminge over four weeks in August 2015. It combined University of Reading expertise and local community engagement under the umbrella of Lyminge Parish Council. This fieldwork targeted the buried remains of an internationally important Anglo-Saxon royal palace partially uncovered by previous research (2012-14) in order to tackle key unanswered questions.  The main target of the fieldwork was a spectacular crater-like feature containing extremely rich Anglo-Saxon midden deposits, the likes of which have never previously been encountered on an Anglo-Saxon settlement.  The excavation allowed the origins and function of this remarkable feature to be established and, in doing so, open an entirely new dimension on Lyminge's role as an Anglo-Saxon royal centre.  The midden deposits became affectionately known as 'the blob'.

Exactly what was found and more details of the work that took place can be found on the Lyminge Archaeology Project website.