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Applicant: Sabotage Theatre CIC

Project: Owlers

Grant award: £500


by Zoe Hinks  and Sabotage Theatre Company

Sabotage Theatre, as part of their horse drawn tour, came to the unique ancient church of St Oswald in Paddlesworth. Owlers is inspired by the notorious Aldington Gang of smugglers, who are known to use the beach at Dover. 

What's the story?

"Crawfurd Quinn has a pain in his gut. A pain so bad he cannot sleep. So encompassing it gnaws its way through his days and stops him from working. And when Crawfurd Quinn can’t work it is not just his family that goes without, but the whole village, for Crawfurd works the Free Trade. When pain such as this visits there is only one thing to do, and that is to go and visit the two old mad sisters who live in the lighthouse, to see if they have some spell or potion to spirit it away..."
Weaving history and folklore, Owlers follows the bizarre story of Kit, a cross-dressing Tub Boy, when in 1826 a routine landing of contraband ends in disaster.

"I cried at the end, it was beautiful" Gail Duff, TRADS  
"Creatively brilliant" Edward Armitage, JAM 



Sabotage Theatre CIC use theatre to introduce people to and engage with their culture and heritage as well as draw visitors to historic buildings at risk of being forgotten. The script was developed using verbatim accounts, historical documents, local folklore and extensive research. The performance was part of a horse drawn tour of Kent and Sussex with 13 shows in total. For more information go to the Sabotage Theatre website.