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Mini Beast Safari


Applicant: Town and Country Foundation

Project: Mini Beast Safari

Grant award: £600

The project was a pilot that created events for residents within Old Park, Dover who live close to the Old Park Nature Reserve which forms part of the Up on the Downs area.

In October 2014 a volunteer day was organised by Town and Country Foundation which saw 20 local people engage with the clear up of the woods which lead to the reserve. Among these, 10 of the participants were young people aged 5-11 years old. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and were also highly interested in the clearance of scrubland which was taking place on Old Park Hill.

The Foundation built on the enthusiasm and interest shown by the young people by delivering two days of Mini Beast Safaris, during the Easter Holidays, which engaged with the young people on the estate. Youngsters were taken on a guided walk of their local area, exploring flora and fauna, and bringing areas of natural woodland and open space to life.