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Martello Tower No. 5

Martello Tower No 5

Applicant: Folkestone School for Girls

Project: Martello Tower No. 5

Grant award: £4095

The Martello Towers are defensive structures that date from the 19th century and form part of a network of military heritage sites on the Up on the Downs coast. Martello Tower No. 5 is in the grounds of Folkestone School for Girls and has been neglected for many years.

Sycamore and other trees had grown up around the tower and their roots were undermining the structure of the buildling itself. This project has cleared the vegetation from the parapet around the tower as well as within the moat of the tower itself. It has allowed the tower to be seen more clearly so that it can be used as an educational resource by the school and an open evening was held allowing members of the public access to the tower.

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