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Why Volunteer?

Why do you volunteer? 

"Volunteering is a very rewarding thing to do. You get to meet some fantastic people, make new friends and learn some amazing things. Since I have started volunteering I've learned to identify birds, plants, learned people skills and developed a passion for photgraphy. I have witnessed some incredible things too, from wildlife wow moments to stunning sunsets and bizarre weather phenomena plus being out in the countryside is a great experience. The work volunteers do is hugely appreciated and it's a great way to spend your time."

James Kirby from Samphire Hoe

james kirby

"I like the fresh air and the views. I enjoy the variety of tasks that we do from cutting down encroaching scrub and trees, clearing footpaths, installing kissing gates and benches, having bonfires in the winter (one of my favourites), doing plant surveys and litter picking. Since I have been going out with White Clifffs Countryside Partnership (WCCP) I have discovered so many public open spaces and footpaths in Dover that I didn't know were there. I enjoy the exercise and the friendliness of our regular Tuesday tasks - and at the end of the day looking at the difference we've made to the landscape. "

Dinah Blanchflower volunteers for WCCP 


 'I volunteer as a looker for two reasons really. Firstly it gets me out of the house for some exercise and fresh air but also because I believe conservation is vital in looking after our environment.' 

Gemma is a 'Looker' at the Folkestone Downs 

Highlands on Cheriton

'Not really sure when I first realised it, but my one day a week volunteering for WCCP on Folkestone Downs has become my favourite day of the week. This is in spite of having a fairly full life and doing all sorts of things. The combination of nice people, stunning and glorious downland scenery and deeply satisfying work must be a pathway to heaven!' P.S. - we volunteers could build some nice steps on that pathway if needed. '

Roger for WCCP

Warren Green Gym volunteers reduced

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